Saturday, February 4, 2017

Continuing A Theme: The Power Plant Project

You've seen this before in many images of the Indian Peaks:

Above a Photomerge of 3 - 35mm images from 2012.  The Project proposal is to photograph from every location around Boulder where the smoke stacks from this Power Plant are visible.  And it's visible from a lot of interesting places.

So why another Project?  Because it would get really boring just photographing one thing all the time.  I know some people do that.  But it wouldn't work for me.  I have a third Project to propose.  and then we are off and running.  Of course my posts will not be limited to these three projects.......

Tech Info for This Project:
Minolta XD-11
Ilford HP5 Film (ISO 400)
Tamron 28-200 Zoom Lens


  1. Projects are fun. Your posts reminds me of what I should have done: photograph old decommissioned power plants. They are more interesting than most old factories. I wish I'd have done old steel mills before they all closed and were destroyed. I did 2 strange ones, window boxes and mail boxes when I was in college.

  2. This one still operates. It has been converted to Natural Gas. YOu only see the exhaust on cold days or when it's really hot and they are running at full capacity for air conditioning.

    We recently lost a grain depot that I had only casually photographed. Kept saying I'd go back to d a better job and then it was gone......