Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Garnet Hotel

Back to images made on our Journey through Montana.  We now visit the Garnet Hotel.  A really substantial building for a mining town, and an indicator of Prosperity:

Above:  main entrance and stairs.  In all my B&W (5 rolls total) I did not make an image of the Hotel Facade.  But I had taken a color 35mm the day before:

Inside, the Dining Room stove for warmth:

Below:  another view of the Dining Room:

Above:  The Hotel Kitchen

Here, two views of typical Guest Rooms.

Miners that didn't have their own cabins could stay in Attic Quarters at the Hotel.  The outlines on the floor show the extent of each miner's 'cubicle'.  There were originally walls separating their spaces.

Above, a private room in the Attic Space.

Detail of Attic Window.

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