Friday, December 4, 2015

Rollei CR200 Film Test

I had reported some time ago purchasing some Rollei CR200 E-6 film.  Then I found an old set of film test images, which I had never posted. So Here we go, with a Caveat that my Friends at OldSchoolPhotoLab had warned me about inconsistent results.  You see the film is repackaged from a number of sources.  So you never really know what you are getting, and my original test results show that.  Images were taken with a pair of Minolta X-700 cameras:

First a 'true color' image from one of my favorite now dead Kodak Films E100VS:

Right out of the Scanner Rollei CR 200 Image:

Rollei CR200 color corrected in Photoshop (below). Close, but still yellowish.  This suggests that the film was not stored under ideal conditions.

I will follow-up with more CR200 images soon.  And hey, if you like experimenting with expired film it's fine.  That's what I will be doing with my remaining rolls.

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