Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturdays Online: Why Film isn't Afraid of the Dark or Too Much Light Either!

I think Petpixel has made a lot of sense with this Article "Why Film Isn't Afraid of the Dark", so can we please put the Film vs Digital argument to rest!  If you are a real artist, Just do what you fell and leave the rest of us alone!

For some of my after Dark Photos on Film no less, CLICK HERE, and work you way backwards.

No lets move on.....Film isn't afraid of too much light either.  Especially B&W film.  The battery for the light meter on my otherwise totally manual camera died.  But I kept shooting anyway.  Over exposed but with an interesting Graininess that I like!  But I did not share these with my digital associates that were on the Field Trip, because I didn't think they would understand why the grain actually makes this scene better.  But I know that you film Types will get it:

Compare to Digital Towers, also overexposed, but not with the same appeal.


  1. There is just so much that can be done with film I find little use to go all digital.

    Digital is like computers, always need electricity to work. Someone once noted electric typewriters are typewriters on life support. My feelings on digital photography even though there are some advantages to digital.

    Besides I use cameras over 100 years old and they work perfectly - even if I need to custom roll the film. I know there will not be any digital camera working 100 years from the day it was manufactured.

  2. The big things that I give Digital are Action Photography (Sports, Wildlife, etc). I don't generally do that, so no advantage for me. I have inherited the Nikon D-40, but I'm always shooting film at the same time.

    Love the "Typewriter on Life Support".