Monday, July 13, 2015

A Final Word on Things We Still Do Inspite of Technology

A different perspective on the Amache Water Towers

And A Final Word on Things we Still Do Inspite of Technology:

  • Painting (Landscapes, Portraits, whatever you fancy)
  • Ride Horses (I thought cars killed the Horse?)
  • Ride Bicycles (a technology that is well over 100 years old)
  • Land Line Phones (Even works when you electricity goes out)
  • Manual Typewriters (also work when you electricity goes out)
  • Cursive Writing; helps to wire your brain as you grow;  we won't know the consequences of giving this up for a while: I heard recently that Calligraphy was becoming popular.
  • Listen to LP Vinyl Records (Actually starting to make a come back)
  • Talk to Real People instead on living on Social Media (a viable tool for communication, but should not be your life)
  • Alternative Process Photography: Tintype, Daguerrotype, Van Dyke, Cyanotype, Salt Prints; Didn't film kill these?
  • Film Photography (And I'm OK if this is eventually classified as an Alternative Process; Happy to join them)
My point is We do these things because we enjoy them.  Not Because someone says that we have to have the latest gadget.  This is the point that Digital Photographers just don't get.  What is the Digital Fixation on eliminating Film?  Why do they care so much?  Maybe because deep down inside, they know that we are actually Having More FUN!

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