Monday, January 19, 2015

Two Cameras, Two Films, One Light House

We visit the Point Lomas Light House, San Diego

 First we view a wide angle Mamiya 7 image, taken with T-Max 100, and using a yellow filter. Distortion cause by 43mm wide angle lens.

 Next a Mamiya 6 image, cropped to a similar aspect ratio. Not as much distortion with the 50mm lens.  Ilford Delta 400 with a yellow filter.

Original uncropped Mamiya 6 Image:

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  1. Hi Kathleen!
    I have not been commenting on any of the blogs I visit regularly lately, bit I wanted to wish y'all (the Texas came out!) a Happy New Year! I am hard pressed to say which photo I like the best, but I am leaning toward the look of the T-Max in the Mamiya 7. Please, keep sharing your wonderful work with us!