Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year's Resolutions: Looking Back and Looking Forward........

You thought that I forgot, but I didn't.  Just off to a slow start this Year, as We spent most of last month with Bronchitis.

Interesting that no one has commented on Photography Restrictions in sacred spaces.  But  I imagine as the restriction list grows, people will care more.......

Have you ever felt like things just kinda fell apart?   Sort of like my Major Resolutions for last year.........

Looking Back:  So what were those resolutions from last Year?
  1. Spending more time in the Darkroom
  2. Build a UV light box for Alternative Processes
  3. More Photography Workshops
  4. More active in Photography Organizations
  5. World Wide Pinhole Day 2014
  6. Smart Phone Photography
  7. Solargram in the Front yard..
So which ones did I complete: 
  • Pinhole Day was a wash due to bad weather 
  • I could continue to list all of the ones that didn't happen.  But easiest to say that the ones that did happen: #3, #4, #6 

I have done some printing, but not as much as I had hoped. I fell in love with my Mamiya 7 and spent tons of time shooting, and little time printing.And the Light box didn't happen because the fluorescent lights for the size I wanted were getting pricey.  But we recently discovered that UV-LED's are available and much cheaper.

2015 Resolutions:  If at first you don't Succeed, Try, try Again!

  1. Spending More Time in the Darkroom
  2. Finally learning how to make good digital negatives (got a book for Christmas)
  3. Building a LED-UV light box for Alternative processes
  4. Solargram in the Front yard (Missed the Winter Solstice, but I'll try for the Spring Equinox)


  1. Sorry to hear about the bronchitis. You have a very nice blog.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Feeling better and back to regular postings starting tomorrow........