Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturdays Online: The Photochrom Age

Hand Colored Images from the 1800's.  How many of us have (or have seen) old photos that were 'hand colored'?

These are great.........And a reasonably easy to understand explanation of what a PHOTOCHROM is. They were willing to do a lot of work to get color.  Why Are we so Lazy Now?

Didn't have any Photochromes lying around the house.  So I'll just have to leave you with another 'lost' film type:

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  1. Not only have I seen them, I loved doing them when I was in college. We had color film (1976) but there is something special about hand coloring. I remember when Fox still did hand coloring. I even used a local pro lab when I did weddings that did hand coloring and my clients loved it.

    The way the film industry is going we may need to revert back to that for good color rendition -- if the coloring agents are continued to be manufactured. Water color works to an extend, but longevity suffers.