Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturdays Online: Clyde Butcher Comments on "Life in the Digital Fast Lane"

Ah, some of us can relate.  I am about to go on a field trip to photograph Colorado Ghost Towns.  And I can already see that the Itinerary and Time Lines are much to fast to really do much.  So we are planning an additional day to revisit places that need time to be "seen" completely.

Clyde Butcher, one of my photo influences, commented on a recent trip to Antelope Canyon.  A place, as he says "YOU could spend a lifetime photographing".

A Redux of our trip to Antelope Canyon

Take as much time as you need to compose the photo image AKA take time to smell the roses.  Two good images are worth more than 100 quick shots with your digital camera (And remember you still have to sort through those 100 shots to find the really good ones).  Digital doesn't demand quick shooting unless you are a photo journalist.  But people seem to think it does.

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