Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Film Test Results........Part I: Not my shade of Pink!

For the rest of this week let's look at the color film test results for Kodak E100VS (transparency) vs. Kodak Ektar 100 (print).

Remeber that we've looked at Ektar before and I have to say the results have not surprised me:

First E100VS for a salmon colored Poppy in my yard:

and the Same Poppy taken with Ektar100:

And although you may prefer the Pinker poppy, salmon pink is actually the color of the E100VS Poppy.  The Ektar color is off.

Why does it matter if I use Photoshop?  That's fine for digital, but the whole idea of film is that it is designed to have the correct color balance.  One should not have to spend time correcting colors when using film. It defeats the purpose of film.........


  1. I'd say the greens in the background of the Ektar are quite off as well.

  2. Yes the green is off also. You'll see more of that green in today's posting. You will notice this throughout the film test as well........

  3. And you make me very happy that I use the E100VS. I was not aware of how odd the colour difference is! Worthy of me doing the same test. Very very interesting

  4. You could also try testing Fuji Velvia 50. That will be my next Test Film. It is supposed to be better than Velvia 100. problem is for 35mm I really don't want to carry a tripod around, so ISO 50 not very practical.