Monday, July 18, 2011

Billion Pixel 'Camera'

For you digital enthusiasts.  A camera to salivate over:  European Space Agency to launch billion pixel camera with Gaia Telescope.  Actually a mosaic of sensors, each about the size of a credit card:

Going to need a lot of storage space!


  1. My D90 already has more than I need...

    Have a great day!

  2. At my recent phot workshop in May I had a chance to see a demo of the Mamiya's new 30+ megapixel camera designed to simulate a 4X5 view camera. Why I would need a 100 megapixel image and how any reasonable computer could process it easily is another question. Can't find that link now but I'll post it when I do.

  3. I meant to say 100 megabyte image from the 33 megapixels........

  4. If I scan my 5x4 inch negatives at high resolution I get a 433Mb file. That's enough for me... :)

  5. So Malcolm,

    How do you manage these large files? What are the advantages in terms of eventually printing the images?

    I imagine the Mamiya digital back is trying to get to that level. Have you seen their 'simulated' view camera set up? Can't find it on-line but it was intriguing. I think if I had $30,000 lying around I'd find something else to do with it though.