Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Late Summer Days at Brainard Lake

Last Summer we attempted a camping trip to Brainad Lake, which opens July 4th weekend.
It rained every evening and there was still snow on the ground!

This is the beginning of the Long Lake Trail.  There are several smaller lakes and streams that feed Brainard Lake.

You can see Long Lake in the background through the trees.

These were taken with the Canonet QL17, before it died.  Still trying to decide if I should fix it or just buy another.


  1. I have the original Canonet with the selenium cell around the lens, as well as one of these lovely GIII models with the 1.7 lens. It may be that you can pick up another for less than the repair cost, but it might be worth asking a repair shop. They are such nice old rangefinders, with a 'cracking' lens.

  2. I found a repair shop through the local camera collectors club. I'm going to ask for an estimate for the Canonet when I take in my XD-11 for repairs next week. If I buy another one I'll keep the old one for parts.