Friday, June 4, 2010

E100GX, Gone Forever!

I was trying to place a new order for my favorite transparency film: E100GX, only to find that while I wasn’t looking, Kodak cancelled my film! 

They say that there was little demand for it, but I say they deliberately killed it by refusing to sell to small distributors and forcing only the most dedicated to order on-line.  My local photo developer dropped ALL Kodak films after they weren’t allowed to sell E100GX.  Losing vendors is really shooting yourself in the foot!  They are currently pushing E100VS, but it is grainier and produces violet tinged reds.

I can still get some 35mm E100GX, so I’m stocking up.  But it leaves me to wonder if I should completely discontinue Medium Format Color Photography.  I don’t like Fuji Velvia, which is supposed to be comparable.  I’ve never really liked Fuji color films, so I’m not particularly encouraged to try Fuji Astia, unless one of you can guarantee that I won’t end up with red Buffalo!

So I have 5 rolls of medium format E100GX, what should I photograph with it?

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  1. I feel for you, I hope to hell the digital explosion does not remove all film eventually. I have to admit I stopped using colour 35mm a few years ago, I got so frustrated with colour cast especially on old slide. Now I just hope Ilford keep producing FP4 & HP5