Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spanish Lincoln: The Torreon of Las Placitas

The original Spanish Settlement was 'Las Placitas del Rio Bonito' in honor of the nearby brook. Water being a luxury in New Mexico, a decent stream was celebrated.

The Torreon was basically a Keep without a moat.
The Spanish Settlers took refuge here from Mescalero attacks.
I'd say maybe 20 people could get by inside.

( If you are wondering what happened to Billy The Kid, well I realized that the film was still here undeveloped.  So we will visit the Spanish town of Las Placitasm while we wait).


  1. I love the mud bricks, great one.

  2. You get to see such interesting places and things, I'm envious!

    I also love to see this type of historic stuff and the "keep" is great, amazing what people come up with.

    Nicely shot! Well done.