Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stillness on Mt Evans

A very still and quit scene from Mt Evans this past summer.  We were primarily there to photograph wildflowers, but the geologist in me took over and I had to capture these perfect geological examples of 'potholes' in the Berthoud Granite.


  1. Potholes? I have no idea! So, teacher, teach us!

  2. Potholes form when running water causes small pebbles (or sometimes quite large boulders) to rotate in some crack or depression in the rock. A round hole is gradually ground out of the rock. Usually forms in Stream (let me look for an example); So I have no idea exactly how these small ones formed at ~12000 ft with no obvious running water. There must be enough runoff in the early spring melting of the snow.

  3. Sounds like an exercise in patience!