Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just Wait!

Something interesting that I found last week:

The Art of Waiting, a truly unique concept in this digital age.  These film users have agreed to set aside a camera, occasionally taking photos, and waiting until 2011 to develop the film.  I found them through HolgaJen.  I've been foraging afield again searching for film users.......

We recently lost a digital follower, but quickly regained a film follower.  So let's welcome Hugo.  I'm not sure he has a blog yet.  But we'll add him to our Blogger Friends when he does.  So let's pull up a film favorite from Patagonia for our new friend:


  1. A place my wife has always wanted to visit; maybe one day. Thanks for the link to the Holga blog on this post. Always ready to follow something new.

  2. I had never thought much about Patagonia, but it was dream of my husband's to go there.....great ript. We trekked around the mountains in what they call the "W" trek.