Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Storm Brewing Over Denver?

So you may have heard that the FBI recently arrested a local 1-person Al Qaeda Cell here in Denver. Actually he did go to Pakistan for training in bomb making and did have contacts in New York who were up to no good. And so we do have a little bit of a terrorist storm brewing.

Unfortunately for this poor soul, he lied to the FBI, which is a violation of the Law. I learned through watching may true crime programs on TV (yes this is a shortcoming of mine) that the police never ask a question that they don't already have the answer to. Apparently he didn't know that.

So I leave you with that thought and a photo of one of the last summer storms over the City of Denver, taken from near the Moffat Tunnel at close to sunset.

Camera: Minolta X-700
Lens: Tamron f/2.8 28-200 zoom
Film: Ilford ISO 3200

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