Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Night Moves

I'm introducing a new theme that I've been working on here and there over the past three years. When I first moved to Colorado, I worked on weekends, so my Husband and I didn't get to spend much time together (that job didn't last long by the way), so we would take long evening drives around the Front Range. I had been introduced to Ilford's high speed film, ISO 3200, and decided to start my 'Denver Drive By' series. I'm still working on it, although we don't go into Denver as much anymore, and sometimes I take daytime photos. The tie that binds it all together is that the photos must be taken from a car (or in my case a Jeep) and preferably in motion. If you want to see some truly inspiring Urban Landscapes check out "Things I See", one of my Photo Influences.


  1. Its actually rated at ISO 800 but works well up to 3200. I shoot it at 1600, which is probably the optimal setting.