Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009

Happy Father's Day to All! Another photo of my Father, from my Family Tree Series. Dad was Policeman back in the 1950's in Cincinnati. But when they started putting "cops in cars" he and his partner (later my God Father) were both very tall and very uncomfortable in those cars. So they both quit and went on to other things.

As with parents and children everywhere, we had ups and downs. But I can look back on my early childhood as a great time of discovery and bonding with my Dad. I believe in preserving the memories of the best of a relationship, even if it turned a little off later on.

Unfortunately we can't all feel that way. Let's try to be positive and not be like this man in England. You know it just doesn't serve anyone to hang on to this type of baggage.

I began the Family Tree Series as part of a Alternative Processes Class taught by Don Anderson at Monterey Peninsula College, California. This is a Cyanotype as was my Memorial Day posting. At some point I will talk a bit about alternative processes, and making those big negatives for contact printing.

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