Monday, June 22, 2009

The Best Flash for $14.99 That You'll Ever Buy!

Incredible? No, just Holga. Although I have never used a Flash with my Holgas, I did buy a Holga Flash unit to use for a class I was taking. I didn't want to invest much, when overall I never use a Flash (only natural light). The class project was to take what I call "Ghost Images". The Technique: a totally darkened room or outdoors at night. Set your camera up on a tripod, and using a cable release lock the shutter open (Bulb setting). Then move the flash (and yourself or your subject) around within the camera field of view. Once in position, set off the flash to make a new exposure.

Here is an example taken in a stairway in my old home.

If you want to experiment with flash without spending lots of money try a Holga Flash. Also, our class instructor Donald Anderson, recommended the Holga Flash for just that reason. I checked the price and incredibly it is still $14.99. It worked great, and has a better recycle time than you'd ever expect. Available from my friends at Freestyle Photo Supplies. There is now also a Holgon MF Flash for $54.99, but you really don't need that! If You just want to experiment a little with flash, stick with the cheap one!

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