Wednesday, May 27, 2020

This BlogSpot is Taking a Hiatus.......

This Blog will be going into the Archives.  My Photographic interests have evolved and I now have a Fine Art Photography page with a very similar name.  I think it must be confusing to some of my Twitter folks when I post from both sites.  And I will be reposting some of my best work from here over there.........

My Life and Times Page will now be at Longs Peak Journal.  My husband and I had started that some time ago with the intent of have a Daily Photo Blog.  That didn't quite happen, although you will find post there documenting our Intense 2019 Journey.  And now after giving Longs Peak a rest for a year, I've basically decided that we only need one active Blogspot site.  So please join us at Longs Peak Journal..........#WednesdayWindows and #CameraChallenge from Twitter will continue on that site.

And I leave you with Equinox on my Stonehenge Fireplace.

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