Monday, July 15, 2019

Cameras, Lenses, Film and Contrast

Three views of the same place, two cameras and two films:

First the Fuji GW690III with Kodak T-MAX 400 (no contrast filter):

The lens for this camera is known for it's higher contrast.......especially in the rocks, but not so much for the sky. No filter used.

Now the Mamiya-7 with Ilford SFX-200:

The dark sky is a tell tales characteristic of IR-sensitive films like SFX-200.  Using a 695 IR filter to allow some visible light through..........

And a second Mamiya-7 with Kodak T-MAX 400:

Much less contrast in the rocks than the Fuji GW690III; less darkening of the sky than SFX-200; using a dark red filter.

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