Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Moving On.......Next Subject Please....Going to Scrumpy's

Somehow I missed actually posting Week #23 from the 52 Rolls Project.  Oh Well. So it's there now.  But We won't cry over spilled milk (or Cider as the case my be).  Yes Beer, and we view:

We have a very entertaining behind the scenes tour of several Tap rooms in Ft Collins, CO.  Scrumpy's was a lot of fun!  We've been to breweries before, but never a Cidery.

Co-founder Jennifer gave us a behind the scenes tour.  
Read more about the history of Summit and Scrumpy's.

I liked the squeegee broom propped agains the fermentation tank.

The Main Bar

Repurposed Church Pews.......

And an out of focus view of our sampler, which I kinda like.....

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