Monday, April 24, 2017

Pinhole Time Testing with Portra 160: Part I

I'm getting ready for Worldwide Pinhole Day by performing real time tests.  When I shoot B&W I just guess at exposures and bracket.  This time I wanted to try Color Film and decided to go into the field prepared to expose the film properly.

I also wanted to use the Zero Image Pinhole instead of my usual Holga Pinhole. I hadn't shot much with that camera the Zero Image, so here we go.

I looked up the Portra 160 Reciprocity Curves, but even at f/235, I found that I didn't need as much exposure as the curves predicted.

Exposed 5 Seconds:

Exposed 10 Seconds:

15-30 seconds was recommended by the curves, but with a bright sun just out of view, 5-10 seconds worked better.  notice below how the blue sky in the upper right washes out as exposure increases.

Exposed 15 Seconds:

Exposed 30 Seconds:

However, with the sky not in the view, the exposure time differences are not noticeable at all.  We'll look at that in my next posting.

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