Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gardening Update #1

This being Colorado, it is necessary to start veggie seedlings indoor due to the very short growing season.  And so my odyssey this year began in Mid-February:

I started one of my mini domes with Eggplants which tae a while to sprout.

A week or so later I started the cucumbers and tomatoes in a second dome.

The Cucumbers and Tomatoes sprouted first.

And the Cucumber grew very fast.  This is my first attempted a growing them.

Later Cucumbers and Tomato Sprouts.

Finally some were large enough to move to my larger stand habitat.

And just a week ago, both levels had plant guests.

I'm in the middle on my second roll.  I can tell you both levels are full and I am currently trying to sprout some zucchini.

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