Sunday, January 22, 2017

A New Camera Joins the Family: Fuji GA645Zi

So Why with all My Mamiyas did I buy another medium format camera?  This one has the features of being auto focus and auto advance.  It shoot 16 images instead of the M-7 '10 shots' or M-6 '12 shots'.  These features make it my potential medium format Street Photography Choice.  I also read a very encouraging review here.

But One Caveat:  all of the camera controls require a fully functioning LCD (in the interest of finalizing this post, I'll show LCD in a later post).  I had to return one that had a LCD that was beginning to fail.  Without the LCD you can only see and change your setting by looking through the viewfinder.  Not a realistic option for my intended 'on the go' photography.

This week we will visit again my favorite camera test site:

52 Rolls Project Readers, scroll through the next few entries...........coming later this week.

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