Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cropping Take 2?

Haven't cropped this one yet.  And maybe it doesn't need it:

Portrait view rather than landscape.  I was waiting for the couple to leave (and they eventually did for yesterdays posted shot).  But I think they actually add some interest to the image.  And add some scale.  This shows 'cropping in the camera' to good effect.  this vertical shot eliminates many of the problems of yesterday's photo.  But I do have the bridge post in the lower right.  So let's get rid f that.  See below:

Also some vignetting from the filter......I'll need to get a thinner profile warming filer for the 43mm lens.  But if I cropped that here, I'd lose my best cloud features.  So for a print, I'd remove the vignettes with Photoshop.

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