Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sundays Online: Film is a Journey Worth Taking & 52 Rolls Week 25:52

Tis is also my 52 Rolls Posting for this week.  I'm changing things up for the heart of my Landscape Season and throwing alternate medium formats at you!

Check out Craig Sheaks on Film as a Journey that can transform you......

And Film is a Journey as I finally grasped at a recent B&W Photography Workshop in Condon, Montana with the Photographer's Formulary Crew, and Nathan McCreery as the instructor. Corrected some lazy mistakes I was making, but learned new things too!.  And I was finally convinced to use a spot meter!

Each participant came away with one good image......mine above, which I will have to reprint, because this is on resin coated paper.

Tech Info: Mamiya 6X7, Kodak T-Max 400, film developer Formulary's FA-1027, exposure (spotmeter) f/22 for 2 seconds.

And another perspective on the Film Photographic Journey.

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  1. Your MT photos sure make me miss the place. Nice landscape. Yes, a spot meter is a must. I'd be lost without mine. There are times for in-camera metering, but a good hand-held meter and a spot meter are indispensable. Good video.