Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Amache Towers

Many foundations remain.  But in an attempt to obliterate the memory of Internment Camps, it was bulldozed ASAP afterthe last inhabitant departed.  The only parts reconstructed so far is the Water Tower, and an example of the Guard Towers.

It's important to note that the preservation and restoration movement began with a combination of Survivors returning to the site in remembrance, and Granada, Colorado,  High School Students who along with their History teacher have worked to recover this part of history.  Read more about the Amache Project here.

On the Positive Side, the Governor of Colorado, Ralph Carr, refused to allow Colorado Citizens to be sent to Internment Camps, although he could not prevent on being built here.  He lost the next election, but the New Colorado State Supreme Court Building has been named for him.  And no Japanese Americans in Colorado were ever sent to camps.  And amazingly, we met one of Governor Carr's descendants on our journey though the Prairies of SE Colorado.  More on that later.......

If the images look a bit odd, my exposure setting was on manual and I didn't notice it until the next day.  Still not very familiar with the Nikon.  But I was able to make some of the images presentable through a bit of Photoshop.  I'll have some B&W images to share soon.

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