Saturday, July 26, 2014

Exploring Colorado Ghost Towns: Getting Closer

We are out today looking at more Colorado Ghost Towns.  That will be our Photography Focus for the rest of the Summer and into the Fall. 

Here we get closer to the Window on the East Portal House: 

 Both images are cropped for te Mamiya 645.  Above a tighter crop and probably the better image to print; Below I do like the grass, but perhaps there is too much going on.


  1. I'm a Brit who lived for 15 months in N California, so I made it to Bodie (loved it, went three times), but didn't make Colorado. I love fim, but now stick to 35mm; no scanner for 6x6 negs so my Rollei is unused - sad.

  2. Hi John, Haven't heard from you in a while. Been to Bodie once and need to get back sometime. I'm going on a tour of Boulder County CO ghost towns next weekend. Many of them require 4-wheel drive and may be above 10.000 feet, so Colorado ghost towns aren't as accessible as in many other places