Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR! & New Year's Photography Resolutions 2014

Please check out the previous entry which shows a preview of my mom’s birthday book.  I also completed our annual photo calendar, this year with a quirky theme “Sign of the Times”.

Now let's see how I've done with last year's goals: 
Workshops and Photo Activities for 2013:

·         Moab Photo Symposium 10th Anniversary (May 2013 and already registered for 2014)

·         Denver in the Dark (October 2013)

·         25th Anniversary Banquet for the Urban Wildlife Photo Club

Major Resolutions from 2013 Completed:

·         Found most, but not all of the missing Norway and Africa Slides.  Still more boxes need to be thoroughly gone through.

·         Planned but not yet built the UV box.  But we have all the necessary parts.  A good winter project for Donald.

·         The BIGGEST DEAL:  Got my Mamiya 6X7 which I have already posted photos from. A belated graduation self-gift.  Will soon post a write-up on the details of camera.

·         We will be getting a 4X5 kickstarter pinhole camera in early 2014

·         Participated in World Wide Pinhole day at the Lafayette Library

Donald was the big winner on Photo Presents this year:

·         Horizon Perfekt Panorama Camera (FromLomography):

·         His own full-size carbon fiber tripod, so he can stop borrowing mine

Upcoming for 2014 and Beyond:

·         Spending more time in the dark room

·         Build UV light box for alternative processes

·         More Photography Workshops

·         More active in photography organizations

·         Don’t Forget World Wide Pinhole Day, April 27, 2014!

·         Getting started in the world of Smart Phone Photography (Stills and Video)

·         Finally get my solargram set up in the front yard!


  1. Fantastically beautiful Mamiya 7! Congratulations!

    I've often thought about getting one because it would be handier than my Super 23, but I am too cheap to spend my $$$ since I have so many lenses and accessories for the 23's.

    OOOOH! a panoramic camera and carbon fiber tripod! Wonderful!

    Best wishes to you and yours for the New Year!

  2. The lenses were the real expense.....Now I'm broke but happy!