Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday's On-Line: Popularity of Alternative Processes

With all of the digital around, and the constant drive it seems to "kill" film photography and silver printing, I find it interesting that older photographic processes are in vogue.  Check out my local StudioQ and  the Wet Plate Collodion Process:

These older methods (e.g. Cyanotype, van Dyke, Daguerrotypes, Tintypes, Gum Bichromate +many more.....) are called Alternative Photography.  The classification "alternative processes" speaks to previously standard methods of photography from the 19th Century, that have generally been replaced by silver emulsion film photography. 

Whereas caffenol film developing, plastic cameras, and pinholes are classified as Experimental Photography.  These are methods and processes (with the exception of Pinholes) that did not exist in the 19th Century.

Film and Silver Printing are holding their own, and should at the least be classed in the future with Alternative Processes (i.e. an alternative to digital).

I am a part-time practitioner of Cyanotype and van Dyke, although not as much lately.  But we are in the process of building a UV light source, and then you'll see more beginning this winter.  This is the standard for my Vintage Family Photo Project.

Below: One of our Wedding Photos that I re-printed as an alternative process using Liquid Emulsion.

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