Monday, July 16, 2012

Windows and Walls #1


  1. Very nice. I like the way the T-Maxx holds details in shadows. The dynamic range of film is something I am beginning to appreciate once again. If you get an opportunity, I recently put a couple of analog posts on my blog--some color and some black and white. All of the photos were taken with the X-700 and either the MD 50mm f1.7 or the Rokkor MD 70-210 f4. I love this gear! I think I am going to find the 35-70 f3.5 next, then an XD-11. How is your darkroom doing?

  2. Nice detail. I tried a similar shot of an old wall in Rock Island with a digital camera. Needless to say I wish I would have packed one of my Minolta SRT-102 cameras or my Bronica. Digital just does not do justice to photos as good B & W film in a real camera.

    1. Amen! Some of the detail I see in film is not there in digital. I am not sure how to describe is more subtle, I think.

  3. Thanks,

    You know at 35mm, Film still has better resolution than most digital cameras. And people sometimes mistake the false crispness of digital for resolution. Digital crispness is more a function of depth of field and how the sensor sees distance. Depth of field and resolution are not the same. The entire frame doesn't have to be in the same focal plane, because then you lose the interesting effect of Bokeh, which I've discussed in earlier postings.