Monday, June 18, 2012

Velvia 50 vs. E100VS: Check the White Balance

 Velvia 50: A little green

 E100VS: True White

Comments:  If you know anything about flowers, you'll know that most white flower are actually a bit green.  And As I remember them, the Velvia is probably closer to the actual color of the flowers, but the E100VS is more aesthetically pleasing.  I'm still going to call it a tie!


  1. Not surprising. I never liked Fuji anything. They exaggerate colors and then there are the color fault problems. Agfa, Kodak or Ilford, preferably Kodak. It is a shame they quit making Kodacolor. I have transparencies over 30 years old that are like new.

  2. I've never liked Fuji Film either. I nearly quit color when Kodak Discontinued E100GX. I swithce to E100VS, which can be a bit magenta (you'll see this later) and is intended to be over saturated. Now Kodak has quit color film so VS wis gone.

    You will see in the end that Velvia 50 is probably the best of the Fuji Films. Everyone says so, but I cannot use ISO 50 in my 35 mm since the object there is NOT to carry around a tripod.

    Any suggestions for a new Color Film?

  3. Never meet this.but beautiful!