Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sundays Overseas Quiz: In the Steps of History........

The Location is Ny Alesund, Svalbard, Norway
The Event:  The Ill-fated Polar Expedition of the Airship Italia

The Tower is the airship mooring tower.  I was amazed to find myself in this place because at the age of nine I had seen a movie called "The Red Tent".

(Now this was NOT a movie for children.  But we were visiting New York in 1970, and it was rumored that Radio City Music Hall, a grand old theatre of the 1930's, would be closing, so my cousin took us to see a movie, and the movie playing that week was The Red Tent.  Luckily Radio City, Home of the Rockettes, survives.)

That movie and the Nobile Expedition, stuck with me, and I became fascinated with polar exploration to this day.  So I was truly amazed to find myself in the place where that expedition took off, walking over the same ground as Nobile, his crew, and Roald Amundsen (who died searching for survivors of the airship crash).

Have you ever found yourself in a place that you never imagined you would see, walking in the steps of History?  Someplace you had seen in a movie, or read about in a book?  And then you find your self there, almost by accident?

More images from Svalbard this Sunday Overseas........

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