Thursday, August 11, 2011

Angry Skies

Lots of Angry Skies this Summer.......

These are Denver Drive By shots, from I-70 at about 70 mph (no I wasn't driving!)......I do like the moodiness of grainy high speed B&W film.

Angry Skies details:
Kodak TMAX-400
Minolta SRT-202
Tamron f/2.4 28-200 zoom


  1. I particularly like the second shot, and the grain makes the mood. Somehow I always feel that digital b&w is 'cheating' - silly really, but for me monochrome = film.

  2. Not silly at all! The 'perfect' clarity and focus in digital is not a good thing. And grain sometime does ADD something to a B&W image.

    I think digital will eventually win the color battle (i.e. color film may disappear), but digital does not replicate the B&W process; the characteristics that make a color image good aren't the same for B&W.

    Also in general people used to use different films for different reasons. Digital makes everything the same (unless you are really an expert). That SAMENESS is what I don't like.