Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feeling the Bokeh?

Ken Rockwell often has interesting (if controversial articles).  But feeling the Bokeh is not controversial.  I'd actually never thought about this, but how does your lens render the out of focus areas of an image?

After some examination my preliminary appraisal is the My Rollei has the best Bokeh:

Out of focus areas are soft focus and not harsh or contrasty.

I really should use this camera more, so I've decided to make it my dedicated Caffenol camera.


  1. Hello,

    It would be interesting to see which camera/lenses you compared to come to your decision. German lenses are known to produce a beautiful image, so I can understand your findings, but even so, if you have other testresults, it would be nice to see them.

  2. Gorgeous camera. I haven't used my Rollei for a number of years, don't have a 6x6 negative scanner.

  3. Well, I know that my Minolta lenses (even though I have the better ones: MD Rokker). I suspect that my Mamiya lenses are close. Our Nikon is digital, but it's the lens that matters. If you look back at this digital image from January:

    You'll see that it is pretty good too.

    Let me look through my Mamiya images, and I'll look for an example to post. I also have a few others in my collection to test. But I still think the Rollei might win.