Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Opinions regarding this camera?

Someone is offering me a mint condition:

Canon Rangefinder IIS E-P  with f1.8/50m lens

Wouldn't know what to offer them.  Any ideas?

Also is it worth having?


  1. Did a search around Google. The IIs seems to be very similar to the Leica IIIG type of model, with a fast lens. I suspect that if it is a good one then it will be a beauty to use, but expensive. The E-P seems to be an indication that it was bought through the military PX stores, not a Canon designation as such.
    Hope that helps, but as I say, if it's a good one, it's probably not cheap, unless you are lucky!

  2. I'll inquire further, but I'm not up to spending tons of money. I've scaled back my collecting plans......

  3. Leicashop has a IIS for 490 Euro, they are always a bit higher than ebay. (I am the absolute Canon-fan... but I would rather buy an old Contax!)

  4. 490 Euro would be about $1100. Probably not in my league at the moment.

    I've decided that I want a Mamiya 6X7 which would be about $1500, so I'm saving for that!