Monday, October 19, 2009

Cheap Gas, But at What Price?

I never thought about photographing around a Filling Station, especially at night, until I was in a class with someone who worked at one (at night). We had a night photography assignment, but since he worked there every night he had to get creative and see what there was to see in his surroundings.

We (Donald and I) sometimes wondered why our gasoline (or petrol if you are overseas) was always 20-40 cents or more cheaper than the national average. Then we thought about our neighbors..............

The 'Luxury' of Cheap Gas usually means that you may have some undesirable neighbors.

Meet Denver's own local Oil Refinery!

It's about halfway between my home in the hinterlands, and downtown Denver. We pass by here whenever we go to the far east side of Denver from our home.

People here have a lot of respiratory disease. The remnants of Denver's industrial past help to explain that.


  1. We humans are pretty stupid, we act as if there are no consequences to anything. Every action has an equal but opposite reaction, simple science.

  2. The oil Refinery concerns me because my asthma got noticeably worse when I moved here. I also noticed a lot of people walking around with oxygen tanks.

    Denver was the industrial center for the Rocky Mountain West in the U.S., and pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There is no other comparable industrial city within 500 miles.

  3. Back in East Malaysia, Bintulu and Miri are the places where Malaysia gets her main income - oil and gas. The country sacrifices the health and well-being of the people living there all these years by not providing much welfare benefits or implementing sufficient healthcare measures. One in 2 person suffers from asthma. The road conditions are also very bad. The federal government in Kuala Lumpur sucks the money from East Malaysia for their individual benefits.

  4. I've lived in an even worse place for asthma.....Much like the area David is talking about in Malaysia; and that was the Gulf Coast. I lived in New Orleans for 7 years and my health was really bad there. No refineries IN new Orleans, but they are all up wind, meaning the pollution from all the refineries in Texas and western Louisiana blow down into New Orleans.